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Ardent Flame Candles 

The Ardent Flame Story Ardent Flame was established in 2019. We produce all of our candles in Bennington, Vermont. In traditional Vermont fashion, we are committed to keeping our product locally crafted in small batches and hand pour each candle with care. We source all of our candle materials exclusively from suppliers in the USA. Our commitment to sourcing supplies domestically stems from a desire to support our economy and country. ​ Ardent Flame uses 100% soy wax in each hand-poured candle, rather than paraffin wax or a soy wax blend. Using pure 100% soy wax ensures a clean, safe burn. Additionally, each one of our wicks is lead and zinc free. Nothing is more important than the satisfaction, safety and health of our customers. We hope you love our candles as much as we do! Kindly, John and Amber Fisher Ardent Flame Candles- Vermont's Premier Candle Company

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